My Uncensored Opinion Of Blockchain Evangelism

My Opinion Of Blockchain Evangelism Alex Partin

This is another one of those that may ruffle a few feathers.

I recently decided to ask my Linkedin connections (around 5 thousand) what people who call themselves “Blockchain Evangelists” and “Blockchain Enthusiasts” in their job description and taglines actually do.

I think my favorite response was the following:

 “The question appears to indicate that some people have self confidence issues and afew followers with same issue.

This platform is a great tool for EVERYONE to learn,spread the word and share, make business connections and EVERYONE with an interest in this revolutionary technology large or small (not for measuring dicks because of there own inadequate confidence issues) to work TOGETHER.
That should explain your flawed attack on others that simply should be allies. This movement is bigger than anything and anyone.

I love this, I think it’s a masterpiece as far as naked projection goes. Have no beef with the guy, by the by, later had a quick exchange to make sense of this stuff.

The quote, though? Exposes my problem with evangelism like nothing else ever could. It’s resistant to questioning. You can’t examine and criticize something that is being evangelized, it is taken as gospel and emotional walls are erected around the concept.

Any questions become “flawed attacks”.

This is a direct opposite to what I teach in communication on sending an effective message. It invites people to think that your convictions are emotional and even if you have amazing points to share about Blockchain or whatever, you will be dismissed based on your attachment.

Funnily enough, this is a confidence issue – but not one author of the the text above can see.

It’s the issue people have with irrational certainty as it is perceived. Would you rather get opinions on technology from a evangelist or a scientist? Would you rather learn about the market from a communist or an economist? You know in advance what one of them is gonna think on most subjects. The bias is in the very label.

Same with “enthusiasts”, really. I don’t dislike the terms, I dislike the lack of marketing and persuasion behind them. If you want to be easily dismissed, laughed at or ignored – by all means call yourself a “evangelist” and not, say, a “researcher”, an “enthusiast” and not a “developer” or a “adviser” or what have you. I prefer being effective, but whatever floats your boat.

But if you do decide to do that…

Don’t be surprised if the moment you declare such emotional attachment, people around you polarize and either eat or hate your every word on your chosen subject. Your job description is now “preaching to the choir”. Which, again, works for some people. No judging on my end.

There’s a saying for this in Russian – It is the way you name your ship that’s the way it’s gonna row. I think it fits perfectly.

(It’s also a awesome Gogol Bordello song. Look it up)

I am not done with the subject and will later do another one on why Blockchain has so many religious undertones in the way it’s being promoted. We’re going deep on this one. Making sense of this is important for having an edge on the rest of the market in the following few years.

Speaking of helping you get all edgy and stuff, you know where to find me.