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Let's talk about your project real quick

Gaining traction with a traditional business is hard enough as it is.

Emerging industries flip that difficulty switch from «Hard» to «Nightmarish». You have to come up with a solution and bring it to market all the while navigating the murky waters of new business models, confusing tech stacks, and skeptical clients.

Most marketing agencies won’t know what to do with your unique situation.

85% of entrepreneurs fail in the growth stage, you don’t have the momentum to afford scattershot ads and costly mistakes.

This is a tragedy for overall innovation, roadblock on the way to awesome new tech. Hell, I bet you and your team spent countless hours bringing something to life. Outlining the solution, prototyping, design work, pitch decks, numerous meetings and meticulous business plans – all this work gets thrown by the wayside when you fail to convey your unique value proposition.

“I like your project, but can’t commit yet. Maybe you improve some stuff, send us XYZ materials and give it another shot?”

Such mixed signals from investors and customers are the infuriating result of common mistakes you might not even know about.

My job is to help avoid these mistakes. You don't need confusing sales tactics to get there.

I was a technical writer for years before becoming a marketing executive and eventually an entrepreneur. This gives me a unique advantage as far as message and strategy go. I mediate between tech and human, make sure the value proposition isn’t lost in translation.

My colleagues long ago nicknamed me a scheming Vizier. I used to think it’s silly, but now wear the title with pride – it all started to make sense.

It’s my job to create a «scheme» for you: outline your value proposition and provide advice on content that connects and instantly “clicks” in someone’s head.

We’ll discuss:

  • Your current situation and positioning on the emerging tech market.
  • Shortcuts to streamline your message.
  • Ancient Roman secrets of explaining complex stuff to non-technical folks.
  • Materials you absolutely need vs pointless status symbols.
  • Improvements you’ll make right after we hop off the call.

Of course, your personal goals and background will influence the agenda.

Current Session Price:

Failing to understand this caused one of my own businesses to close its doors.

People will lie to you about their real engagement. It isn’t conscious. And it doesn’t apply only during face-to-face meetings, they will think these same things before closing the tab, deleting your e-mail, or glossing over your business plan. I used to hear this all the time:

– «Oh, this is interesting»

– «Cool, I should look into this when the tech matures»

 – «These are some cool ideas, never thought of that»

… And so on. These sentiments create false hope and keep you perpetually frustrated. They also indicate you done goofed in the fundamentals of

Playing the Trust Game.

I’ve created a system for this, to drive home the value propositions of risky projects in emerging industries. It’s built for crafting a message that connects, delivering content that drives action. The principles behind this «scheme» are simple, but take consistency and a mindset shift to implement.

In order to make sure you’re on the right track, I want to offer a 90-minute conversation that’s:

  • Personalized to your project and various ways of presenting it.
  • Tailored to your own experience level and niche the business is in.
  • Recorded and sent for you to reference at any time, along with a list/recap of what you and your marketing minions should focus efforts on.

Leave it to me to prepare for and structure our call. In turn, I ask for up-to-date information about your project as well as dedication to making things work.

Scheming Sessions


I’ll invoice you after our chat, right before sending the recap and recording. Meaning I charge you only if the experience was useful. Yes, I’m taking a risk. Someone with ill intent may waste my time, pretend they didn’t like it, and run away with valuable information.

I’m willing to go further than that.

I happen to be a digital nomad and travel a lot. If I end up wasting your time and give terrible advice, you can hold my feet to the fire. I’ll come to where you’re at, get you a coffee, and pay YOU the amount listed on this page for the privilege.

How’s that for a guarantee?

Current Session Price:

The price is dynamic. It goes up every week or so depending on my workload and waiting list size.

What folks say about Alex

I was hesitant as the scope of my project was much larger than anything I had embarked on before. As we had more interactions, though, I could see working with Alex was the right choice, his professionalism in addition to his business development skills really helped to shape an idea into an actual product.

Aaran Grimley

Alex is full of amazing, jaw-dropping and well thought ideas and solution to various sectors. He’s simply superb!

Saheed Hassan

When we started looking for an expert on BitCoin and cryptocurrencies your name was on top of our list. We are still learning about these new opportunities every day. Having somebody like you on our side to discuss out of the box is really important

Rodrigo Jorquera

I would definitely work with Alex again, hopefully many times. He’s just a very decent guy and very reasonable with a real passion for the field.

Erica Stanford

Fantastic, Alex works like a true business partner. Very valuable person for my project

Atash Rafeeq

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