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Help me understand what your project is all about

I designed the Scheming Sessions to help focus your value proposition and distill the right message for your audience.

Over the course of 90 minutes we’ll discuss:

  • Your current situation and positioning on the emerging tech market.
  • Ancient Roman secrets of explaining complex stuff to non-technical folks.
  • Shortcuts to streamline your message and content.
  • Materials you absolutely need vs pointless status symbols.
  • Improvements you’ll make right after we hop off the call.

The session will be tailored to your project, audience, and experience level. I’ll get personal with advice to apply immediately after we’re done talking.

After the call I’ll send you an audio recording and a handy summary of our chat, highlighting all agreed focus points.

We'll decide on exact time and make arrangements after you apply.

Oh, and do I provide a guarantee? Short answer: yes.
Long answer is below.

Let's arrange a scheming session

I'll be paying with



Note: you won't be charged until after our 90-minute call.

Listed price is dynamic. It goes up every week or so depending on my workload and waiting list size.

Scheming Session Details


I’ll invoice you after our chat, right before sending the recap and recording. Meaning I charge you only if the experience was useful. Yes, I’m taking a risk. Someone with ill intent may waste my time, pretend they didn’t like it, and run away with valuable information.

I’m willing to go further than that.

I happen to be a digital nomad and travel a lot. If I end up wasting your time and give terrible advice, you can hold my feet to the fire. I’ll come to where you’re at, get you a coffee, and pay YOU the amount listed on this page for the privilege.

How’s that for risk reversal?


- Why 90 minutes?

Technically it’s two sets of 45 minutes with a 5-minute break in the middle. We do a lot of exploration and figuring stuff out in the first part and our Scheming in the second.

This length is perfect for us to stay on target and get to a guaranteed result in the end.

- What kind of result should I expect?

You get iron-clad “initiation steps” to follow in your marketing process, tailored to your needs.

Plus a way to express your value proposition that doesn’t just get an “oh… okay” reaction, but engages folks’ brains and has them asking questions.

- Which cryptocurrency can I pay with?

Anything in the top 5 at the time of our agreement. I pay less in processing fees this way, hence the discount.

A clean crypto-wallet is created for each transaction – I can send you exact instructions on what to do if needed. Facilitating the use of such currencies is a social good in my opinion.

- I'm not certain my case is the right fit, how do I make sure?

You won’t be paying anything until after we had our call. For now, fill out this form and ask me once I reach out to set an exact date.

Or drop me a line to alex @ alexpartin.com if you have something specific to ask.

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