My Beef With Blockchain Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision Alex Partin

I have a beef with folks who never worked in fields outside of Blockchain.

I call them the tunnel vision folk.

Thing is, this place is still full of inflated expectations.

It’s one of the most ridiculous niches you can find both in potential awesomeness and financial travesty. And people who had no prior work ethic, discipline or entrepreneurial experience swing our market hard towards that second option.

And I’m not saying this to rail at folks who are doing awesome projects, building their names in the relatively new space.

I’m talking about narrow-minded people who never experienced failure and have no idea what prices and services look like out in other fields. You know the type – hysterical over the slightest course change, charge 10x for every service and such.

They’re all over the place.

  • Blockchain developers with tunnel vision, these kinds of folks maybe know JS, HTML and CSS, no actual software/hardware experience to speak of.
  • Blockchain marketers with tunnel vision do telegram, buy traffic and write whitepapers. That’s it.
  • Blockchain entrepreneurs with tunnel vision do Initial Coin Offerings and build exchanges. No actual products with real-life use cases ever come about.

If you’re talking Blockchain anything, good practices from other fields are ignored at best and misused at worst.

Here’s a basic example:

Any development project in other IT niches has to have valid technical documentation, complete with workflow and clearly outlined tasks. How many Blockchain projects actually have this sort of thing?

When they do, they’re are hilarious for anyone who ever worked with enterprise software or similar stuff.

Same about any message and purpose strategies for content for those of us who are more into communication and marketing.

Someone I met a couple days ago said this, and I think I will never be able to say it better – “You have to develop broad knowledge in today’s market. Single skill mastery won’t be enough in the future economy.

There is quite a paradoxical thing here: so many people went into Blockchain from other fields just a few years ago, yet now it almost became an isolated cultural bubble. So we have a bunch of specialists who fail to soak in expertise from sister markets, and then we’re surprised that 90% of these cryptocurrency projects fail disastrously.

Who would have thunk it.

There’s no light at the end of that tunnel, folks. Snap out of it.

Not like I have an entire book of entrepreneurial failures or anything.