How I dun goofed

How I dun goofed

Yup, I dun goofed big time, folks.

I’ll take the long route of explaining how, but the short version is in the quote a few paragraphs below. Feel free to give the rest a pass, it gets personal. If you just scroll until the giant blue link and grab the book, that’s fine by me.

Speaking of personal – my list somehow grew about 35% since I last published. No clue how you got here, but hey – welcome to the Vizier’s counsel, thanks for your eyeballs. 

Let’s make use of them.

“We ended up doing things nobody else had done before, because we just didn’t know any better”

Ronnie James Dio

While flying to London, I accidentally fell asleep listening to the entirety of 1983 “Holy Diver”. At the end of the album there was a 30-minute interview. That’s what I woke up listening to – ended up going through it 6 times over during the whole rest of the flight.

Yes, it’s from a rock music guy.

Far removed from the world of IT entrepreneurs and tech projects. It’s just about how a new band was dealing with its studio setup. That is, haphazardly and with accidental sparks of genius. I’d say it’s nonetheless relevant to our situation.

It’s our job description, right there.

Doing stupid things other people steer clear of, because they pretend to know it won’t work.

Our job is to get shit done before uncertainty has time to set in – and that’s what I dun goofed at.

Over the last year, I had four different and quite ambitious projects made around 3/4ths of the way. They almost went through to production as physical and online products before I scrapped them almost last minute.

This won’t fly” – I told myself, moving on to the next thing in the same untested waters. How the heck did I know that? It sure wasn’t stuff anyone wrote about or recorded before. This kind of arrogance kills great projects, and only tends to lead into more of the same. On the back of this thought process, I ended up going back to the comfort of negotiating SoWs for my other business.

Spoiler: it’s not the same after having explored new grounds and taken chances.

Ronnie James from 20 years ago accidentally slapped me awake – may he reign in Hell. Thanks to him, I’m back to scheming about kicking your own butts into gear, I bet you got a lot of these half-baked ideas you haven’t focused on lying around. Make use of ’em.

For those of you who were asking if I’ll come back with more good stuff, that was it in a nutshell. I dun goofed, but that helped convince me to never slow down again. I also have a lot of great stuff to make use of.

In fact, here’s a start:

I did what every sane person with very successful content would do – scrapped it from every single resource it was ever published on. It’s now only available in e-book form, and will only ever be accessible 3 days out of a month. Except, your link in this e-mail will live longer, for old time’s sake.

Have fun, only fitting to send a cute gift coming from a vacation. If you find zombies cute, anyway. I know I do.

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In unrelated news – some were asking if I still take on clients. Answer: only if you’ve done groundwork on the project.

I came up with the scheming sessions format for those of you looking for a bit of a push to take off. Check it out below:

My new Scheming Sessions format

See you on the other side,