Explain Blockchain To Your Grandma

Explain Blockchain To Your Grandma

There was this short video that made rounds on Linkedin the other day.

The interviewer was asking folks at a conference “How would you explain Blockchain to your grandma?” and had some fun with their answers, most people struggling, some jokes, etc. I think it’s a cool question to ambush people with.

It also perfectly fits my series about translating technobabble to human language. So I should go ahead and latch onto this, creating an awesome explanation.

… actually, no.

And I don’t mean to imply grandmothers don’t understand human language or whatever.

Let me be a douchebag and answer the above question with a question: how much did people learn about mobile phones by reading or listening about them? 

I don’t have any numbers for you, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a sizable enough to care.

Now, of course we had phrases like “it’s like a normal dial phone, but you can carry it anywhere”

You can have the same or similar for Blockchain – “it’s like a normal ledger, but you can’t manipulate it”

But these explanations, ads, etc wasn’t what got over 50% of human population using smartphones in less than a generation. Daily use did that. Utility.

Ability to touch, see and fiddle around with these things. Eventually this even became a need, because when everyone uses a phone it’s that much harder to skip out on it.

This actually goes back to the Socratic dialogue: you have to always engage the other person in your communication. Otherwise it’s one-sided and worthless. Talking at other people isn’t gonna cut it, gotta talk with them. Practice and utility bombshells when it comes to engagement.

So, how would I explain Blockchain to grandma? Whip out my phone and show her how to get us a pizza.


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