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Alex Partin

IT writer, Marketing Vizier.

I help spread your vision, even when attention is in short supply. Working with tech entrepreneurs to create the right message, content & strategy. You can get a foot in the door and gain control over your marketing with my advice.

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    Alex Partin


    Alex Partin

    I hate plain, ugly e-books that exist solely to worm their way into my inbox. To make up for people doing it wrong, I decided to do things the fun way – this “Handbook of a Crypto-Survivor” will be of use to folks who want to avoid common marketing mistakes in tech.

    This is done through exploring the ICO craze of 2016-18, but all the rules apply to this day. A warning about common pitfalls, made it as graphic as I could.

    Welcome to the economic apocalypse, survivor.

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      What folks say about Alex

      “I was hesitant as the scope of my project was much larger than anything I had embarked on before. As we had more interactions, though, I could see working with Alex was the right choice, his professionalism in addition to his business development skills really helped to shape an idea into an actual product. “

      Aaran Grimley

      “Alex is full of amazing, jaw-dropping and well thought ideas and solution to various sectors. He’s simply superb!”

      Saheed Hassan

      “When we started looking for an expert on BitCoin and cryptocurrencies your name was on top of our list. We are still learning about these new opportunities every day. Having somebody like you on our side to discuss out of the box is really important”

      Rodrigo Jorquera

      “Fantastic, Alex works like a true business partner. Very valuable person for my project”

      Atash Rafeeq

      “I would definitely work with Alex again, hopefully many times. He’s just a very decent guy and very reasonable with a real passion for the field.”

      Erica Stanford